Apartments for Rent

This page is updated monthly and lists apartments in DCHFA financed buildings that are currently leasing. If you’d like to view DCHFA funded properties that are under construction, click here.

Anacostia Gardens

3600 Ely Pl, SE
Washington DC 20019

202-584-2241 Visit Website

Capitol Vista (Ward 6)

810 New Jersey Avenue
Washington, DC 20001

202-558-2152 Visit Website

Fairway Park Apartments (Ward 5)

2100 Maryland Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20002

202-388-0300 Visit Website

Hanover Courts (HanTiv)

412 Hartford St SE
Washington, DC 20020

240-428-7799 Visit Website

Livingston Place at Southern Avenue

4656 Livingston Road SE
Washington DC 20032

202-519-0982 Visit Website

Skyline Apartments

2549 & 2400 Elvans Rd SE
Washington DC 20011

Visit Website

Tivoli Gardens (HanTiv)

4811-4819 North Capitol St NE
Washington, DC 20011

240-428-7799 Visit Website

Todd A. Lee Senior Residences at Kennedy Street

809 Kennedy Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Visit Website

Woodberry Village

2224 Savannah Terrace SE
Washington DC 20010

Visit Website
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